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Profesionalism; brought my truck in,problem was found and repairedand I picked it up the next morning. Hard to find service like that anymore.


Our service at Baker's Auto Repair have always been excellence. We switch from Mike Smith to Baker's. Fair and good service.


"TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY !!!!!" Mr. Juan Zamora stopped by our facility with a 2003 Ford van with (440,814) miles 1/13/2012. I spoke with him personally he informed me that the front brakes needed to be repaired or replaced ASAP as he was fearful of further damage or failure. I informed him of the time of day being late Friday and closed on Saturday. He pleaded with me to please repair it TODAY as he was headed out of town and needed it fixed. I informed him that I would pull a technician off the current job to help him out and he was thankful. I asked him at that time would he be responsible for the bill he said yes and that he would pay with a credit card so we proceeded. We removed the wheels & inspected the ft brakes & noticed heat cracks in the rotors, we then measured them and concluded that upon machining them they would fall below factory specifications. We then removed the ft hydraulic Calipers and determined that they had been the cause of the failure due to sticking. We then worked up the estimate and the price was given to Mr. Zamora. He wanted to talk with someone within their company so he made the call. We were then informed that he didn’t want anything done and that whom he spoke with stated that Goodyear was involved in the repair before. I explained to him that there would be a charge for the disassembly at which time he became angry and told me there shouldn’t be a charge. I explained to him that if he had requested a quote I could have involved a inspection person to inspect the brakes , but this customer request the brakes be fixed Friday afternoon to meet his deadlines. If in fact the brakes were just repaired at Goodyear and the suspected warranty why would they make a request for repairs at Bakers with Goodyear less that 5 miles away. Mr. Zamora never disclosed anything about previous repair until he spoke with his company. Mr Zamora was the acting agent on this vehicle and stated that the person with whom he was talking too was going to be mad at the situation with brakes & the cost before he ever made the call. It appeared to me that due to the cost and the time frame they were under they assumed the worst when in fact we did everything to help them to no avail and complained of any charge whatsoever. Mr Zamora also signed the repair order after his distrust. Furthermore if they had warranty at Goodyear their lack of communication became there enemy not me. Respectively


I have taken many cars to Baker's over the years, while not being the least expensive car shop, they have always fixed all problems correct the first time I drop off the car. Pricey, but honest and great mechanics.

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